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The Other SMTP mailer makes it easier to send emails from any email address. It uses a popular method called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

To ensure that your WordPress emails are delivered reliably, it's important to configure a direct SMTP-based connection using the "Other SMTP" method. This method replaces the unreliable PHP mail() function and allows you to use a dedicated SMTP server for sending emails from your domain.

Installing & Configuration with Other SMTP Mailer

To begin, make sure you have installed and activated the GOSMTP plugin.

After verifying your license, you can easily configure the plugin's settings. Just Go to GOSMTP » Settings in your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the SMTP Settings tab.

Basic configuration

  • From Email:  Set the email address which is used for sending all emails from your website.
  • Force From Email: Enable force from email, It ignores emails set by other plugins and use the Form Email setting.
  • From Name: Set the from name from which emails are sent. By default, your site name is set as form name.
  • Force From Name: Enable force from, It ignores from name set by other plugins and use the Form Name setting.
  • Return Path: Enable return path, it will set the return path to match the from email address. If you enable this setting, you'll get an email when your messages bounce due to recipient's email address.
  • Mailer: Select Other SMTP option from the Mailer field.
Gosmtp Other SMTP Settings

Mailer configuration

  • SMTP Host: Set the smtp host or hostname. The SMTP hostname is specified in your email provider's SMTP settings.
  • Type of Encryption: Choose the encryption method supported by your SMTP server, such as SSL/TLS or STARTTLS..
  • SMTP Port: Specify the port number used by your SMTP server.
  • Authentication: Enable this option and provide your SMTP username and password for authentication.
  • SMTP Username: Typically, the From Email address is the same as the email address you use to send emails.
  • SMTP Password: In most cases, the smtp password is same as your email account passowrd.
After successfully configuring the mail settings, it's time to test your email functionality. Send a test email to verify whether it will be delivered successfully or encounter any issues. This test will determine whether your mail setup is functioning properly.
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Freqently Asked Question

What is the "Other SMTP" option in the GO SMTP plugin?
The "Other SMTP" option in the GOSMTP plugin allows you to use a dedicated SMTP server to send emails from your WordPress site. It's a reliable alternative to the default PHP mail() function.
How do I find the SMTP server details for the "Other SMTP" option?
To configure the "Other SMTP" option, you will need the SMTP server details provided by your email service provider or the SMTP server you intend to use. Typically, you will need to know the SMTP host (hostname or IP address), the encryption method (SSL/TLS or STARTTLS), the SMTP port number, and the authentication credentials (username and password) for the SMTP server.
Can I use any SMTP server with the "Other SMTP" option?
Yes, you can use any SMTP server with the "Other SMTP" option. Popular SMTP services like Webmail, SendGrid, and Mailgun are compatible. Just make sure the server supports the encryption and authentication requirements specified by the plugin.
Why should I use the "Other SMTP" option instead of the PHP mail() function?
The "Other SMTP" option offers several advantages over the PHP mail() function:

  • Reliable delivery: The PHP mail() function can have delivery issues, while the "Other SMTP" option ensures more reliable email delivery using a dedicated SMTP server. 
  •  Enhanced security: SMTP servers often require authentication, reducing the risk of email spoofing and improving overall security. 
  •  Improved deliverability: By using a dedicated SMTP server, your emails are less likely to be marked as spam, increasing the chances of reaching the recipient's inbox. 
  •  Tracking and analytics: Many SMTP services provide tracking and analytics features, giving you insights into email opens, clicks, and other engagement metrics.
Can I use the "Other SMTP" option if my web hosting provider has disabled the PHP mail() function?
Yes, you can use the "Other SMTP" option even if your web hosting provider has disabled the PHP mail() function. It bypasses the limitations of PHP mail() and establishes a direct connection with an SMTP server, ensuring successful email delivery.
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