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PHP Mailer (Default Mailer)


The GoSMTP plugin offers a versatile range of email delivery options, and one of its default choices is the PHP Mailer. This option is particularly useful if you want to rely on your server's built-in PHP mail function for sending emails. Let's walk through the step-by-step process of setting up the Default Mailer using PHP Mailer:

Installing & Configuration with

To begin, make sure you have installed and activated the GoSMTP plugin.

After Installing GoSMTP, you can easily configure the plugin's settings. Just Go to GoSMTP » Settings in your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the SMTP Settings tab.
To get started, follow these steps to configure the GO SMTP plugin in WordPress:

Basic configuration

  • From Email:  Set the email address which is used for sending all emails from your website.
  • Force From Email: Enable force from email, It ignores emails set by other plugins and use the Form Email setting.
  • From Name: Set the from name from which emails are sent. By default, your site name is set as form name.
  • Force From Name: Enable force from, It ignores from name set by other plugins and use the Form Name setting.
  • Mailer: In the "Mailer" tab, you'll observe that "Default (PHP Mailer)" is pre-selected as the default option. This signifies that GoSMTP will utilize the PHP mail function for email transmission.
Once you've input all the necessary details, navigate to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Settings" button. This action will save the adjustments you've made to your Default Mailer configuration.

Additional Points to Consider

  • Server Restrictions: The PHP mail function's effectiveness may be influenced by your server's configuration. Some hosting providers impose limitations on sending emails using this method.
  • Deliverability Considerations: While the PHP Mailer is straightforward, it might not offer advanced features like tracking or guaranteed deliverability.
  • Alternative Mailers: If you encounter issues or need more advanced features, you can explore other mailer options within GoSMTP, such as SMTP servers or third-party integrations.
While PHP Mailer is convenient, it relies solely on your server's PHP mail function. This means it lacks advanced features like tracking, analytics, high deliverability rates, and email logs — features offered by dedicated email service providers..
By following these steps, you can seamlessly set up the Default Mailer using PHP Mailer with GoSMTP. This option is suitable for scenarios where you want a straightforward email delivery solution without the need for additional external email services. Keep in mind the limitations of PHP Mailer and consider switching to dedicated email service providers for enhanced features and performance if needed.

Freqently Asked Question

When should I use the Default Mailer?
You might consider using the Default Mailer if you have a simple website or application and want a quick way to send emails without integrating with external email services.
Are there any limitations to using the Default Mailer?
Yes, there are limitations. The Default Mailer lacks advanced features such as tracking, analytics, email logs, and higher deliverability rates that are commonly offered by specialized email service providers.
Is the Default Mailer suitable for larger email volumes?
The Default Mailer might not be the best choice for larger email volumes as it lacks features that help manage high email traffic efficiently.
Is the Default Mailer secure?
The security of the Default Mailer depends on your server's configuration. It's recommended to keep your server updated and properly configured to avoid potential security risks.
Can I track email logs, opens and clicks with the Default Mailer?
No, the Default Mailer doesn't provide the capability to track email logs, opens and clicks as it lacks advanced tracking features.
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