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Gmail’s Less Secure Apps Update for GoSMTP Integration


As Google initiates the process of phasing out the Less Secure Apps feature, it becomes crucial for GoSMTP mailer users who rely on Gmail SMTP details to smoothly transition and maintain their email sending capabilities. This comprehensive and detailed step-by-step guide has been carefully crafted to help you navigate this change effectively and ensure uninterrupted email delivery:

Understanding the Less Secure Apps Feature in Gmail

Less Secure Apps is a feature in Gmail that allows third-party applications, like GoSMTP, to access Gmail accounts using the main Google username and password. While this convenience facilitated email sending through external platforms, it also posed potential security risks due to the exposure of primary Google credentials.

In the past, Gmail had a feature called "Less Secure Apps" that permitted third-party applications to access Gmail accounts. This feature, while convenient, posed security risks due to the exposure of primary Google credentials to potentially unsecured applications.

As of May 30th, 2022, Google has taken a significant security step by disabling the Less Secure Apps feature. This decision aligns with Google's ongoing commitment to enhancing user data protection and promoting secure email practices.

Evaluate Your Options with GoSMTP

As Gmail's Less Secure Apps feature has been disabled, it's essential to explore alternative methods to ensure seamless email delivery via GoSMTP. Below are three viable options, each with its own benefits and setup procedures.

1) Switch to the Gmail Mailer

  • Advantages

By embracing the GoSMTP Gmail Mailer, you unlock an array of advantages that go beyond mere email delivery. Let's delve into the extended benefits this option offers:

1) Enhanced Security with OAuth 2.0:
Opting for the GoSMTP Gmail Mailer ensures that your email communications remain fortified by leveraging OAuth 2.0 authentication. This state-of-the-art protocol adds an extra layer of security to your Gmail account, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and potential breaches.

2) Seamless Integration:
GoSMTP simplifies the OAuth 2.0 setup process, guiding you through intuitive prompts. This streamlined integration means you can bolster your email security without enduring complex technicalities.
  • Steps

» Access GoSMTP Settings: Log in to your GoSMTP dashboard and navigate to the settings segment.


» Select Gmail Mailer: Among the range of supported mailers, pick the Gmail Mailer option.


» Set Up OAuth 2.0: Follow the prompts provided within GoSMTP to configure OAuth 2.0 authentication. This step involves granting specific permissions and creating a robust connection to your Gmail account.


2) Use an App Password

  • Advantages

Incorporating app passwords into your GoSMTP setup augments your email security while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of communication. Explore the extensive benefits this method offers:

1) Granular Security Control:
App passwords grant you granular control over access to your Gmail account. This ensures that your primary Google credentials remain safeguarded, as GoSMTP operates with a dedicated app password.

2) Risk Mitigation:
With app passwords, you mitigate the risks associated with exposing your main Google credentials to potential vulnerabilities. This security measure minimizes the impact of any potential breaches.
  • Steps

» Access Google Account Settings: Log into your Google account and navigate to the security settings.


» Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Initiate the process by activating two-factor authentication for your Google account. This additional layer of security enhances the integrity of your account access.


» Search for App Password: Once 2FA is enabled, access your Google account security settings. Search App password and click on "App password".


» Select Custom Name for App: Within the App Passwords interface, opt for "Other (Custom name)" as the designated application. This selection aligns with your intent to integrate GoSMTP's Other SMTP mailer.


» Generate Your App Password: Upon entering the custom name, proceed to generate the app password. Click the "Generate" button, and Google will create a distinct app-specific password tailored for GoSMTP's Other SMTP mailer.


» Utilize the App Password: Retrieve the generated app password and incorporate it within GoSMTP's settings. By associating the app password with GoSMTP, you establish a secure bridge for email communication between GoSMTP and your Gmail account.

Keep in mind that whenever you modify your primary Google account password, the app passwords linked to your account will be deactivated. This consideration is vital, particularly if you frequently update your password. If this is the case, evaluating other authentication options might be prudent.

3) Explore to Alternative Mailers:

  • Advantages

Opting for an alternative mailer allows you to diversify your email delivery strategies, catering to unique authentication methods and feature sets. Configuration Steps:

1) Diverse Authentication Methods:
Different mailers provide various authentication options, allowing you to select the one that aligns with your security preferences.

2) Feature Diversity:
Alternative mailers may come with unique features and functionalities that cater to specific email delivery needs, expanding your capabilities beyond Gmail's limitations.

3) Adaptability:
By exploring other mailer options, you can adjust your email delivery strategy based on evolving requirements or changing security protocols.
  • Steps

» Access GoSMTP Settings: Navigate to the settings panel of your GoSMTP dashboard.


» Select an Alternative Mailer: From the array of alternative options, choose a mailer that best aligns with your specific email delivery needs.


» Execute Setup Instructions: Carefully follow the comprehensive setup instructions provided within GoSMTP's interface for your selected alternative mailer. This typically involves configuring settings, inputting authentication credentials, and verifying domain records.

Choosing Your Path Forward

When making your decision, carefully evaluate the advantages, security implications, and simplicity of setup inherent in each option. Your choice should resonate with your email delivery preferences and security considerations. By thoughtfully selecting the most suitable route and meticulously adhering to the prescribed procedures, you can ensure the seamless and secure flow of your email communications via GoSMTP, even in the face of Gmail's evolving policies surrounding Less Secure Apps.

Freqently Asked Question

What is Gmail's Less Secure Apps feature, and why is it being discontinued?
Gmail's Less Secure Apps feature allowed software and devices to access Gmail accounts using the main Google username and password. However, due to security concerns, Google has decided to phase out this feature, beginning on May 30th, 2022. This discontinuation is aimed at enhancing account security and encouraging the use of more secure authentication methods.
Can I explore alternative mailers to Gmail in GoSMTP?
Yes, you can choose alternative mailers within GoSMTP settings. Each mailer comes with its own authentication methods and features to cater to different email delivery requirements.
How can I ensure uninterrupted email delivery while transitioning?
Whichever option you choose, ensure you follow the provided setup instructions meticulously. This will guarantee a smooth transition and seamless email delivery through GoSMTP.
How does the discontinuation of Less Secure Apps affect my email delivery through GoSMTP?
If you've been using Gmail SMTP details with our Other SMTP mailer in GoSMTP, you may encounter difficulties sending emails once Gmail's Less Secure Apps feature is disabled. It's essential to take proactive steps to ensure uninterrupted email correspondence.
Can I switch from Less Secure Apps to an app password without interruption in my email delivery?
Yes, generating and implementing an app password before Gmail's Less Secure Apps feature is disabled ensures continuous email delivery without interruption.
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